The difference you can expect when you appoint the Stansure Strata team

  • Our commitment to agreed service guarantees
  • Assured confidentiality – your business is your business
  • Continuing communication
  • A team of professionally trained staff with definitive knowledge and experience of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997
  • Our assurance your Body Corporate will meet compliance requirements
  • Internal quality assurance programs ensuring information is correctly captured and recorded
  • Security and back up systems securing the privacy of your details
  • Individual bank account for your body corporate
  • User friendly levy payment options, including payment at Australia Post outlets, by B-Pay or cheque forwarded to Deft Payment systems and credit card
  • Realistic budgeting advice ensuring current and long term commitments are identified
  • Access to our comprehensive data base of licensed, insured, reliable trades people
  • Our commitment to work with and speedily implement the Committee’s decisions
  • Attention to detail – making certain the basics are correct
  • Correct advice and guidance gained through the management of numerous complexes
Stansure Strata Services

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The Difference You Can Expect

Specific Duties

Strata Management

Body Corporate Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare notices for the Annual General Meeting
  • Prepare nomination forms for committee election
  • Prepare requisition forms – motions for consideration
  • Prepare the meeting agenda
  • Prepare proxy forms and voting papers
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Attend the meeting
Body Corporate Committee Meeting

Prepare meeting notice including the agenda, reports, quotations and financial statements.


Prepare minutes for approval of the Annual General / Committee meeting and distribute

Body Corporate Banking Accounts

Open and maintain the banking account – attending to all banking arrangements. Bank funds received in the name of the account (Body Corporate name).

Body Corporate Contributions

Issue levy contribution notices. Issue reminder notices for levy contributions in arrears – fees charged to the lot

Body Corporate Financial Transactions

Maintain records of all financial transactions. Maintain records of bank statements. Make payment of accounts.

Body Corporate Taxation

Prepare annual financial statements for preparation of the Taxation Return.

Body Corporate BAS Statements

Prepare quarterly BAS statements (if required).

Body Corporate Insurances

Assist in effecting insurances as required by legislation. Lodge insurance claims (where agreed).

Body Corporate Roll

Maintain the Body Corporate Roll.

Body Corporate Records

Maintain the recorded minutes, records of notices and orders served on the Body Corporate.

Body Corporate Certificates

Prepare and affix the Common Seal to Certificates as required under Section 205.

Body Corporate Record Inspection

Make available all records and supervise inspections as provided by Section 205.

Body Corporate Seal

Retain custody of the Common Seal, and attest to its affixation.

Body Corporate Special Projects

To provide assistance with special projects requiring quotations – e.g.: painting


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